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Route Insurance Information

1. SERVICES: On the Effective Date, Route will make available to Subscriber the services (“Services”) indicated
a. Route Protect (further described in Exhibit A).
Route Shipping Protection does not cover the following:
Automobiles and Motorcycles Negotiable Papers
Boats & Yachts Perishable Commodities
Cash Pharmaceutical Drugs
Ceramic, marble or granite tiles, slab blocks,
countertops or statues
Precious Stones and Metals
Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products *Scrap Metal, Steel Metal and Steel Metal
Raw cotton Securities
Fine Arts (valued in excess of $10,000 per
Glass windows, plate glass and similar
Jewelry (valued in excess of $1,500)
Live Animals
*Exclusion for scrap metal only applies to bulk shipments of used metal. Route will provide coverage for items made from metal and/or steel.
Route shall not liable for more than $250,000 for any one vessel or conveyance per any one account of
the Assured, except that in the following cases, this insurance shall not cover more than: $5,000 any
one package or shipment, $2,500 any one package or shipment containing a laptop or tablet computer,
mobile/smart phone or watch (“Shipping Protection Limit”).
Any shipments that exceed Route’s Shipping Protection Limit will not be covered by Route Shipping
Protection (as defined in Exhibit A). If for any reason payments are billed/collected for shipments that
exceed the Shipping Protection Limit, the excess amount will be returned to the subscriber. Route
Shipping Protection attaches from the time the covered goods commence transit and/or are located
anywhere incidental to transit and continues during the ordinary course of transit until transportation
terminates at final destination or the insured's interest ceases, whichever occurs first.
Route package protection will be configured in the opt-out coverage model and will act as participant’s
sole package protection and carbon offset provider within checkout and post-purchase.
A summary of Route Shipping Protection and the Route insurance policy (the “Route Policy”) is provided at