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All items sold by Watercraft Superstore will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Watercraft Superstore does not imply or express any warranty for products it does not manufacture. If you should have a warranty issue within the manufacturer's specified warranty and outside our return period you should contact the manufacturer directly to open a warranty claim. If you are unable to contact the manufacturer, Watercraft Superstore will be glad to assist you by providing contact information for the appropriate people to expedite your claim.

Watercraft Superstore's house brand of wetsuits, riding shorts, rash guards and life jackets all carry a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. If you have an issue that you believe to be a warranty issue please contact the Watercraft Superstore customer service department at 727-499-9707 or info@watercraftsuperstore.net for instructions on how to proceed with your claim.