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BlackTip JetSports Traction Mats For Sea-Doo 2003-2008 GTX / 2002 GTX 4-TEC / 2002 GTX DI / RXT


All mat kits come standard with BlackTip Jetsports exclusive PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) to make installation easy - without the big mess of having to glue them down. Simply peel the backing off - press the mats into place and they are ready to go. This is an easy afternoon job and makes a world of difference on how your ski looks.

Colors may differ from monitor to monitor. To ensure you like the color of your traction mat kit you may want to request samples. Custom traction mat kits are non returnable. 

Click here for traction mat samples

2008 GTX 155
2009 GTX 155
2009 GTX 215 SCIC
2002 GTX 4 TEC
2003 GTX 4 TEC
2005 GTX 4 TEC
2006 GTX 4 TEC
2006 GTX 4 TEC Limited
2003 GTX 4 TEC Limited SCIC
2004 GTX 4 TEC Limited SCIC
2005 GTX 4 TEC Limited SCIC
2003 GTX 4 TEC Wake
2004 GTX 4 TEC Wake
2005 GTX 4 TEC Wake
2003 GTX DI
2005 RXT
2006 RXT
2007 RXT 215 SCIC
2009 RXT X 255

Removal of original riveted mats :Drill the heads off of the rivets holding down the original mats while pushing the remaining rivet into the hull. Fill the holes left by the rivet with 5min. epoxy, this can be purchased locally at any auto parts store. Make sure to scrape the epoxy flat in the foot wells so the new mats will lay flush. Clean the area that the new mats will be attached to with acetone solvent for proper adhesion.

Removal of original glue down mats:By hand, peel off any old mat material that you are able to and then you use a putty knife to help remove all material from the difficult areas. Areas that are difficult may require spraying WD-40 brand lubricant in between the mat and hull to help loosen the old adhesive. Take your time on the prep work; this is important to achieve professional results.

Now that your surface is clean and ready for the new mats it is time to lay out how your mats will look in the foot wells. This is the location the mats will be attached. Trace around the mats using a pencil. This is your reference area to place the mats after the paper is peeled off the back of the mat.

Peel off the paper backing from the mat and line up one end of the mat to your traced out area. (Do Not Try to Install the complete mat in one shot) Slowly work the mat down into your outline.

After the entire mat is installed you must apply even pressure down on top of the mat to insure complete contact to the hull.

Let mats sit for 12 hrs after the install so the glue will fully cure.
Watercraft Superstore's BlackTip Jetsports traction mats have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defect in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover fading, tearing or stains due to user negligance. We do our best to make sure every traction mat set is perfect, but sometimes things happen.

If you should have a problem, please contact Watercraft Superstore @866-957-9277 or to identify your issue.
Use only mild dishwashing soap to clean your mats, if you must clean grease from the mats we suggest using Simple Green brand cleaner only to do so.
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