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Handlebar cover for Sea-Doo 1996-2005 XP, GSX, GS, GSI, GTX, GTI, LRV, RX Vinyl


Vinyl cover only.  Does not include under pad.

Our BlackTip Jetsports vinyl handlebar covers staple directly over the factory cover. The covers are a great upgrade by adding that custom look and match beautifully with the BlackTip Jetsports traction mats and seat covers.

1997 GS
1998 GS
1999 GS
2000 GS
2001 GS
1997 GSI
1996 GSX
1997 GSX
1998 GSX Limited
1999 GSX Limited
1998 GSX Limited (White Motor)
1999 GSX RFI
2000 GSX RFI
1996 GTI
1997 GTI
1998 GTI
1999 GTI
2000 GTI
2001 GTI
2002 GTI
2003 GTI
2004 GTI
2005 GTI
2002 GTI LE
2003 GTI LE
2004 GTI LE
2004 GTI RFI
2005 GTI RFI
2001 GTS
1996 GTX
1997 GTX
2000 GTX
2001 GTX
2002 GTX
2000 GTX DI
2001 GTX DI
2002 GTX DI
2003 GTX DI
1998 GTX Limited
1999 GTX Limited
1998 GTX RFI
1999 GTX RFI
2000 GTX RFI
2001 GTX RFI
2002 GTX RFI
2000 LRV
2001 LRV
2002 LRV DI
2003 LRV DI
2000 RX
2001 RX
2002 RX
2000 RX DI
2001 RX DI
2002 RX DI
2003 RX DI
1996 XP
1997 XP
2000 XP
2001 XP
2002 XP
2003 XP DI
2004 XP DI
1998 XP Limited
1999 XP Limited
This cover is made out of Vinyl material, and installs just like a seat cover.

First, remove the pad from the center handlebar assembly.

You'll notice staples when you turn the handlebar pad over. Remove these staple using a flat head screwdriver or similar tool. For the stubborn staples use a pair of pliers.

The next step is installing the new BlackTip Jetsports vinyl cover. You will need a power assisted staple gun for this, i.e. air assisted, electric, etc.

Lay your BlackTip Jetsports vinyl material over the handlebar pad, center it, and fold it back.

Secure the cover with a single staple and make sure it is centered correctly. Once you've determined the cover is in the correct position you can continue applying staples around the rest of the pad neatly pulling and securing the cover.

Once the stapling is done install the pad back into the center handlebar assembly.