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Keihin Carb Primer Kit, choose size


Keihin Primer Kit, Clear
2 stroke PWC engines from Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Polaris, Tiger Shark and others.
Primer Kit installation instructions

**Safety First**
Start by disconnecting the battery negative cable.
Do not smoke or have other open flames in the repair area.
Fully read this document before installing this kit.

You must first remove the carburetors from the engine to perform the conversion.
1) The existing choke butterflies must be removed. Grind the end of the Phillips head screws on the butterfly shaft – the ends are peened over to prevent them from loosening up and falling into the carburetor bore. After the ends are ground flat to the shaft, the screws will unscrew easily. Keep the carburetor bores clean and blow out any extra metal shavings from grinding the screw ends.
2) Pull the butterflies out from the shaft, and then remove the shaft from the carburetor body. Install the new brass fittings (using a locking agent) into the choke shaft holes. Install the Brass plug on one side and the Brass nipple on the other. This is how the carburetors are fed fuel from the primer pump. NOTE: Sometimes the holes in the carburetors are larger than the Brass plug holes, so you may need to use “J. B.Weld” to glue the plugs in place.
3) Install the carburetors back on to the intake using new base gaskets (not supplied in the primer kit) and check for proper linkage adjustment and operation.
4) Install the provided Tee into the reserve fuel line (if equipped). If there is no reserve, then install the Tee into the main fuel feed line (close to the tank is recommended, approximately 3” past the tank sending unit). This nipple will feed fuel to the angle part of the primer pump.
5) In most cases the primer pump will fit in the old choke opening. If not, you will need to open up the hole to accept the primer pump. NOTE: Some mechanics will choose a totally different location to drill a new hole and mount the primer pump. Both will work.
6) After the primer pump is installed, connect the main fuel Tee to the angle nipple on the primer pump and the straight nipple on the primer pump to the carburetors. Use the provided connectors to attach to the carburetor nipples and add small Tees as needed.
7) After all lines are secured to the installed nipples with the appropriate clamps, start the machine briefly and inspect for leaks. Check all lines for clearance and make sure they do not interfere with any sharp edges.
8) Be careful not to prime the engine too much or it will flood.
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