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New SBT Bare Electroplated Cylinder Set - Fits Yamaha 1200R


New SBT Brand Cylinders with fitment for Yamaha 1200 PV XL | XLT | GP R | XR 1800
Replacing your damaged cylinders has never been easier with a set of SBT Brand new cylinders.

SBT Brand New Nikasil Coated Cylinders
Replaces Stock OEM Cylinders
No Core? No Problem! - No Exchange Required
*Also available in kit form.
Bare Cylinders - Additional purchase of Power Valve, Piston Kit and Power Valve Rebuild Kits are Recommended
1999-2001 XL 1200
2001-2005 XLT 1200
2000-2003 GP1200R
2000 XR1800