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Polaris Stator SL 900 /SLTX /SL 1050 /SLXH 4010403 1996-1998


SBT's PWC Stators are made with high quality copper windings, meeting or exceeding OEM spec. The stators are a direct fit for your ski for easy installation. And SBT is unique in offering full technical support for both your SBT stator and PWC. Our OEM replacement stators are quality checked and come with a 1-year manufacturer's defect warranty.

Please note: All 305 stators will require updated C.D.I unit part numbers 4010447 to work properly, These C.D.I. controllers came with the factory update kits not the original C.D.I that was installed by the factory.

* These C.D.I part numbers are marked on the C.D.I., located inside the electrical box. Early factory installed C.D.I. and stator assemblies will not work if combined together with update components.

1997 SL 1050
1996 SL 900
1997 SL 900
1996 SLTX
1997 SLTX
1998 SLTX
1998 SLXH