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PWC Shop Cart - Trailer Height (20") - 20" or 14" Adjustable Bunk Centers with 6" Wheels


  • SBT's new line of painted showroom quality carts come with all the options: 
    • 6" casters with brakes
    • Larger wall-thickness tubing throughout
    • Reinforcement plates in critical locations
    • Special hardened paint and primer. 
  • The PWC cart is a welded and reinforced design that can easily handle up to 1200lbs. 
  •  With adjustable width and angle bunks, anything from the smallest stand-up to the largest 4-stoke PWC will fit. 
  • SBT's PWC stand comes packaged in a flat container with all the fasteners included, ready to assemble.

This cart has not been tested on 2022 or new models