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Solenoid Wire Harness Update Kit - fits Sea-Doo


SBT is now offering a kit that allows the use of the latest version of starter Solenoids on older style Sea-Doo watercraft (1989-1995). The SBT kit has the wire harness and the Starter Solenoid (Starter Relay)
Correlating OE numbers:

1990 GT
1991 GT
1992 GTS
1993 GTS
1994 GTS
1992 GTX
1993 GTX
1994 GTX
1989 SP
1990 SP
1991 SP
1992 SP
1993 SP
1994 SP
1993 SPI
1994 SPI
1993 SPX
1994 SPX
1991 XP
1992 XP
1993 XP
1994 XP
1994 XPI

The old style Starter solenoid (or Starter Relay) that Sea-Doo used from 1989 thru 1995 is now obsolete from Sea-Doo and most aftermarket suppliers have discontinued it.

The old style solenoid, has 2 larger posts for the battery cables, and 2 smaller posts for the starter control wires coming from the start switch.
The new style starter solenoid along with the harness kit. Note the 2 larger posts for the battery cables are the same.
The mounting bracket is the same. A wire harness is supplied that will plug into the Solenoid and then the 2 wires will need to be wired into the existing harness using the connectors supplied in the kit.
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