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Solas Concord Impeller for Sea-Doo ST-CD-10/16


Concord - The Power Torque Series With features like a large blade area and a unique geometric blade design, the SOLAS Concord Impeller delivers remarkable thrust and extraordinary efficiency. As four stroke technologies become mainstream in the PWC world, the Concord design truly enhances the engine characteristics, not only delivering incredible acceleration but excellent top end performance. From water skiing to high speed cruising, this technologically advanced power torque design with its radial leading edge will offer everything you could ask for in an impeller.
155.5mm Pump Diameter

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1.)Remove and separate the whole jet pump from the PWC

2.)Remove the trail cone (or cap) from the stator

3.)Hold the rear end of the shaft with a bench vise. Remove the impeller with an impeller wrench. Turning counter clockwise will loosen the impeller.

4.)Visually inspect thread on shaft and impeller for debris or damage. Apply grease or anti-seize on the thread before installation.

5.)Screw the impeller by hand; please be careful of the sharp edge of the impeller. Tighten with the impeller wrench. If the impeller feels too tight or not threaded properly, unscrew the impeller, clean and check the thread.

6.)Assemble the pump and refill O/E pump oil or grease to spec.

*this installation guide is suggested for reference only
*please refer to your original service manual or contact your PWC dealer for detail
*guide provided by Solas
*some wrenches are optional parts and are available for purchase on our website

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