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Solas Dynafly Impeller for Sea-Doo ST-DF-13/19


Dynafly Maximum Acceleration Our new impeller is designed to give high compression ratio pumps a stronger acceleration with less cavitation. This impeller is capable of giving your PWC an incredible boost in its performance. The SOLAS product line includes Dynafly impellers for the Kawasaki Ultra 150 pump and the Sea Doo 951 pump. SOLAS also has developed new impellers for other pumps. Please check the application chart for further details.
155.5mm Pump Diameter

2000 XP
2001 XP
2002 XP
2003 XP
2004 XP

2000 XP DI
2001 XP DI
2002 XP DI
2003 XP DI
2004 XP DI

2000 RX
2001 RX
2002 RX
2003 RX

2000 RX DI
2001 RX DI
2002 RX DI
2003 RX DI

2000 GTX
2001 GTX
2002 GTX
2003 GTX

2000 GTX DI
2001 GTX DI
2002 GTX DI
2003 GTX DI

1.)Remove and separate the whole jet pump from the PWC

2.)Remove the trail cone (or cap) from the stator

3.)Hold the rear end of the shaft with a bench vise. Remove the impeller with an impeller wrench. Turning counter clockwise will loosen the impeller.

4.)Visually inspect thread on shaft and impeller for debris or damage. Apply grease or anti-seize on the thread before installation.

5.)Screw the impeller by hand; please be careful of the sharp edge of the impeller. Tighten with the impeller wrench. If the impeller feels too tight or not threaded properly, unscrew the impeller, clean and check the thread.

6.)Assemble the pump and refill O/E pump oil or grease to spec.

*this installation guide is suggested for reference only
*please refer to your original service manual or contact your PWC dealer for detail
*guide provided by Solas
*some wrenches are optional parts and are available for purchase on our website

Impeller Series



SD Super Camber (ABC Series)



SD Super Camber (IJK Series)



SD, ST Xprop Series



SD, SF, ST Concord Series



ST Dynafly Series



SR Concord Series


SLA011 (24mm shaft)
SLA011A (27mm shaft)

SRZ, SRX Concord Series