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Yamaha Cleat, Retractable Pull Up


Stainless Steel Retractable Pull-Up Cleat
Spring Loaded to retract when not in use.
Mounting holes are 4.50" Center to Center
Cleat is 3.50" Long
Cleat pulls up 1.00" High
1 - Determine desired location for cleat.
2 - Temporarily disassemble cleat from cleat base.
3 - Using cleat Base, mark location of two 3/4" holes.
4 - Drill the two 3/4" holes.
5 - Reassemble the cleat and position it in the new holes.
6 - Mark and drill out the the three holes for the 1/4" rivets.
7 - Clean area and install cleat base with pop rivets.
8 - Now you are ready to use the cleat.