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Yamaha Motor Mount Wave Blaster 701X/FX 1/Wave Blaster 2/Wave Blaster 760


A benefit of replacing your old Jet Ski mounts with our motor mounts is that the excessive vibration and movement of your Jet Ski engine will slowly degrade the rest of your driveline, bearings, driveshafts, etc.
Replace any motor mounts that don’t appear normal to save the rest of your driveline!!
Replaces OEM# 62E-44517-A0-5B 62E-44517-A1-8P

This Mount fits all oval bottom Mount applications

1993 Wave Blaster 700
1994 FX1
1994 Wave Blaster 700
1995 FX1
1995 Wave Blaster 700
1996 Wave Blaster 700
1996 Wave Blaster II 760
1996 Wave Raider 760
1997 Wave Blaster II 760
2010 Super Jet
2011 Super Jet
2012 Super Jet
2013 Super Jet
2014 Super Jet